Listen up SAD sufferers! You can strap a damn light to your head, or pretend to be a yogi and squat in front of a high wattage lamp while hoping for the best (and looking like a freak)...or you can eat delicious comfort food. Guess which winter-fighting method I choose.

I just wrote up a recommended chill-killing list--call it a dining prescription--that includes places like the mighty Skillet. In case you've never been, Skillet cooks brawny, totally homemade food (like the andouille sausage gravy and biscuits dish pictured above) with the power to soothe the snowbound blues.

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I also compiled a short list of more ethnic, but equally comforting goodies you can read about in my Outside the Comfort Food Box article.

I kept the comfort coming with a story on two new purportedly authentic New York style pizza shops, one is the New York Pizza Dept....

... and the other is called Brooklyn Pizza

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