Hubbard Grille (as of this morning, the website's still "under construction") is up and running, serving lots of upscale takes on down-home, down South food.

The best thing I've tried so far at the HG (brought to you by the Mezzo people and its head chef) is this embarrassment of comfort--unctuous, pot-roasty short ribs, OK shrimp (helped out by the buttery, bbq-y "tomato jus") and terrific coarse-grained white cheese grits. Overall, a killer dish.

And I really liked the crusty buttermilk fried chicken and pan-fried mashers, but the chicken breast piece was on the dry side and the sandy braised greens were inedible (I'll chalk these misfires up to being open less than a week, unless proven otherwise with another visit).

Otherwise, the handsome and buzzworthy place was certainly buzzing--it was loud and rowdy last Thursday (course it was the biggest party week of the year!), the wine list wasn't too impressive, the un-serious cocktails were poppy, and the old pro servers at the bar (I recognized veterans from the Burgundy Room and Mitchell's Ocean Club) were great.