Table Restaurant in Millersburg has gotta be one of the oddest dining experiences I've had in a while--and I've had a lot of 'em! If you can't read that green sign in the back, it says "Sunshine Villa Retirement Center." Yup, Table's in what I grew up calling "an old folks home."

View from the outside--note "Table" is written on those sorta heraldic shield jobbies that dot the white railing.

Though it's pleasant enough inside, there's no escaping the fact that just across the hall from the little restaurant is a beauty parlor for grannies.

This is the place's "Beloved Comfort Three Tier Farmer's Club" on housemade 9-grain bread (Table's chef, who uses as much local stuff as possible and includes a seminary degree in his stunning resume, makes outstanding breads!). Loved it, gobbled it down with relish!

A pork roulade with a ton of texture, flavor and hidden healthy ingredients.

You cannot fry fish better than this Pacific snapper.

To drink, I had a frisky 2010 Wildberry Ensure with hints of Boniva and Fixident (C'mon, I tease because I love!)

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Since I was on a little getaway in which libations would play a major role and Table serves no alcohol (though they do make some neat soft drinks and infused teas), if you go there but feel like a sip of something strongish, a nice sports pub called Bags Pub (golf bags line its walls) is close by.

Bags' mean Bloody Mary.

Stay tuned for more on my trip to Millersburg.