Cumin Indian Restaurant has taken over for the dearly departed (i.e. one of my favorites) Bayleaf in the Polaris-area hotbed of eateries. Though there were a few opening week kinks in service, I found the vibrant food at Cumin (it's related to the very fine Cuisine of India just down the street) to be extremely promising.

I loved the thick and dense paneer (homemade cheese) kebabs, their chili-rub marinade and smoky-flavor-imparting grill sear, but would've liked the accompanying veggies to have lost their assertive (and out of balance in this dish) raw character.

This gigantic Cumin special kebab combo ($14) was a delicious, serves-two meal of succulent meats.

The mammoth platter also included above and beyond the average dal and fluffy basmati rice graced with peas, carrots and cilantro. What a deal!

Call 614-854-0775 for hours and info.