Historic Downtown Millersburg-- where I went recently--includes lots of attention-getting buildings like this almost-sculptural courthouse.

Plus there's lots of eccentric types there that own and run artisanal (pewter, jewelry and so forth) shops and...

...great time-killing antique stores.

Oh yeah, I could never forget I was in the heart of Amish country, either. Or that dolls like these can still scare the holy crap outta me!

At first, I thought this was a "loveseat," but RJZ said it looked more like a "look away from me, creep" piece of furniture more aptly titled a "hateseat."

The Inn at Honey Run might sound like a midnight movie shown on Cinemax, but it's really a woodsy resort hotel.

These are the Inn's so-called "honeycomb" rooms. Situated across and up a small hill from the main facilities, they're a group of cozy, fireplace-equipped rooms (with next-day newspaper and breakfast-in-bed service!) unusually built right into rock. This is where we stayed.

The view past our terrace from inside our room.

This place is so out in the sticks, you can hear--and see-- sheep bleating "just up the road a piece."

A twenty or so minute trudge through deep, footprint-free snow (at least of the human kind) straight uphill provided a great view and was a great way to work up a thirst and appetite.

Fortunately, both were quenched at the Inn's excellent little restaurant, starting with some Bombay Sapphire martinis...

...and moving through Amish chicken done "saltimboca" style...

...plus some pretty fabulous duck.

Later, there was a not-quite-high-energy (but still fun!) game of pool followed by movies played on our room's DVD player.

Though the "Jesus, guns and buggies" aspect of the area ain't my thing, and though I generally prefer chasing culture in busy cosmopolitan cities of the world, I'll definitely go back to the Honeycombs for another easy, sweet and low-key visit.