In broad generalizations, people (and I'm including me) usually think of vermouths being of two types: the "red" and sweet Italian style that goes into Manhattans and the drier "white" French style that goes into martinis.

Now that I can buy it locally (i.e. at Weiland's), I'm thinking Carpano Antica goes into everything--but especially me, and lately, everyday (but just a sip or two--at $38/ liter, the stuff ain't cheap!)

Complex and rich and with a deep and beautiful amber color, this original Italian (since 1786!), highly aromatic vermouth's prism of head-shaking flavors includes cocoa, cola, toffee and bitter orange.

When combined with rye and a couple splashes of bitters (I like it with Fee Bros. orange bitters) it'll make the best Manhattan you've ever had; and it kills with gin and Campari in a Negroni (my all time favorite aperitivo).

I also like it straight and slightly chilled before dinner (its bitter finish gently tingling open my palate) but its also great as a digestivo, especially when sipped while nibbling on Weiland's wonderful caramelized pecans.