Green Cat--a salad on a sandwich, but a warm and embracing one with tons of flavor and texture. Eating healthy rarely tasted so great.

Ron's Jailhouse Chicken Sammy--sure, it has the goofiest, criminal justice system- filled menu description this side of the "Borscht Belt" (and it doesn't even bother to mention a single ingredient!) but RJCS is so good it should be illegal. In fact, it killed me with its grilled/fried chicken plus goat cheese, hot sauce and roasted red bell peppers--call it murder in the 1st degree (yup, I can belt it out, too).

Bistro Turkey--every year, I go to the Humana Festival of New American Plays in Louisville (coming up again in about a month...can't wait!) and while there, I venture to the Brown Hotel to score a Hot Brown (invented at the hotel). Every year, I come back complaining that no one in Columbus makes a similar sandwich--that changed last week with this masterpiece.

Black Creek Bistro is on top of its lunchtime sandwich game these days, I recommend an imminent visit.

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Later that day, I went to a very exciting OSU vs MSU game perched on this great floor seat--thanks to my friend Dave. Imagine me swaying left with my arms curved like all these cheerleaders, and you'll get a feeling for what an idiot I can be during a close game (OK, I'm teasing).

While the action was fast and furious...

...some fans close to me weren't feeling it (to be fair, watching a nonplussed-during-crunchtime Terrelle Pryor is reassuring as the elite athletes who keep a cool head at all times seem to be the ones who can perform at their peak level).