Monsoon Shrimp...under a tidal wave of coconut milk (excuse the jaundiced lighting)

Lemongrass' colorful and healthy Pad Thai (their version has a refreshing wealth of veggies and lack of grease for this ubiquitous dish)

Maybe a dozen years ago, Lemongrass Fusion Cuisine had the reputation of a happening place. Back then, though, I used to compare every new eatery I tried with the best restaurants in, say, New York or Paris and I generally giggled at restaurants that touted their "fusion" (which I, of course, called CON-fusion) leanings. Frankly, I wasn't much of a fan of Lemongrass.

But after writing hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of restaurant stories, I a) am just glad anytime I get a decent and flavorful meal in a fun place (eccentric's only a bonus, and Lemongrass is nothing if not eccentric) and b) realize if I dismissed every "Asian-fusion" joint, I'd be discounting too many worthy eateries.

You might say I've "softened" (c'mon, who hasn't?) but I might say I bring an unusual and hard-won experience and rare (and sometimes weary) perspective to the table

Anyway, I enjoyed my recent meals at Lemongrass--see this Thursday's This Week for yet another of my reviews.

And the eating beat goes on...