Tofu skin roll--like an egg roll but made out of a fried sheath of soybean curd enveloping an earthy and dark, shiitake-heavy veggie medley. On top is a semi-gloppy (in a good way!) salty, mushroomy, fermented black beany sauce. Though these can be greasy, I love' em, and not just 'cause they cost only a couple dollars for a shareable portion (though that plays a factor).

Lemongrass soup--it's filling, soothing and fragrant with its namesake herb, greens plus tons of boneless chicken. Significantly, it subs in bean sprouts in place of noodles and is another full-flavored munch at a ridiculously low price (you get like a half gallon for maybe $6-7).

Ying's Tea House is a favorite neighborhoody take-out joint for me. Since they're so good at them, I used to associate Ying's only with their killer noodle and dumpling dishes; but as you can see, they can comfort you almost equally in relatively carb-free fashion. Good to know, especially if you've been splurging on desserts lately!