Ransom Old Tom Gin (on the left) is the most unique, interesting and flat-out best gin I've ever had the pleasure to sip (and I've had a few). Unavailable in Columbus, it was an Xmas gift from a Chicago-traveling booze-buying pal. Check out its beautiful amber color--I only wish you could also taste its complex flavors of juicy "orange slice" candy followed by its rush of cardamom-y aromatics. WOW!!!!!!

But Columbus' own Watershed Gin is certainly no slouch--actually far from it. This stuff is great, too. Like the Ransom, it's not particularly juniper-y (pine-y), but rather is rich and floral and has a full body. Also like the Ransom (which is more refined, smoother and sweeter), it's a most unusual gin--bewitching, aromatic, intriguing and finishing with a bit of black licorice.

OK, for the Ice-pocalypse-tini: 1) Get three cubes of ice and immediately throw them outside--I've had up to here with the ice already! 2) Pour any amount of world-class gin into any glass you've got (neat!) and sip while watching the revolution in Egypt

Note, I used these North Market glasses so I could alert you to the Fiery Foods Festival coming up there in a couple of weekends--I'll be a chili judge, sampling 17 varieties in one sitting (!). See you there!