Gobi Manchuria (addictive, luridly red and spicily battered cauliflower heads) and Sheek Kabob (super-aromatic, and light because they're made with ground turkey as this terrific place doesn't use beef)

Green Curry Chicken (very tender poultry in a killer, Indian pesto-like sauce)

Though you couldn't tell by the weather, baseball season starts today. Tribe fans can take solace with the knowledge that the Indians are on top of their game...at Reethika, a wonderful Indian restaurant (I tease because I love--hey, I like the Tribe too, just not as much as my beloved Reds).

Read my Alive review here and note that due to space, I didn't get to mention that Reethika has a good looking daily buffet and really great and fresh tasting housemade condiments such as chili sauces, a tamarind bbq-ish sauce and raita