Unless you've been living under a mustard-stained rock, you've heard a little something about (OK, a lot about) the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile making a stop today in Sensenbrenner Park.

The reason for this is the Wienermobile's 75th anniversary, plus an acknowledgment that in these hot food carting days, this iconic meal-on-wheels could be repurposed as a Wienermobile food truck.

Inside the hot dog hot rod--love the mustardy path to the front...

...where this friendly guy mans the wheel and answers questions like this:

Me: How fast will this thing go? Wienermobilist: It's actually quick (chuckle). It really hauls buns!

Our local Hot Dog Queen, the lovely Liz Lessner was there, busily handing out free wieners to the first 1000 takers--they're Oscar Mayer's new line of hot dogs made without preservatives. After collecting their dogs, free lunchers could doll them up Liz style...

...with a great line-up of Dirty Frank condiments. Fun stuff!

If you missed it, the W-mobile will be at this weekend's Artsfest