At first, this blog's title might make you think about an accomplished pole-dancer, but it's really about what 6-8 bucks can buy if you're smart and you visit the great Refectory at Happy Hour (M-F, until 6:30; Oh, yeah, and glasses of wine like, say, a nice and food-friendly Gruner Veltliner go for about $6 then also)

Duck Prosciutto (earthy hint of pleasant gaminess) hugging a mound of pearl barley and sweet corn

Alpaca Terrine with a brilliant little medley of accoutrements (tastes kinda beefy; plus the duck and pork this fabulous forcemeat is made with shine through beautifully)

Chilled Seafood Strudel--lovely pastry-wrapped jigsaw blend of halibut, salmon and walleye; its construction and plating seem somehow musical to me--or like a portrait by Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Beautiful, beautiful Beet Salad

With these prices and this food plus the restaurant's great crusty, warm and hearty bread and superb service (eat at the bar--if the delightful and knows-everything bartender named Eden waits on you, you've hit the jackpot of best server in Columbus) you owe it to yourself to HH here sometime soon, don't you?