G. Michael's Bistro was the scene for the evening's swell beginning last week, and this is what we had to eat:

Johnny Cakes with mudbugs--lotta stuff on this plate, all of it good

Soft-shell crab--unlike too many others elsewhere, it was sweet, meaty and extremely crispy

Brat on a biscuit with a killer mustard sauce

Except for the soft shell, which was a special (and not for everyone--a friend of mine: "it's like eating a spider"; me: "exactly, and a tastier tarantula was never crunched into"), the above small plates are half-priced during G. Mike's exceptional happy hour (meaning $6-$8).

Also stoopid cheap during HH, your martinis of choice (which could be Watershed gin, up) are only $5!

Ivory King Salmon is a lovely rarity around these parts and a real must-have seasonal special (I much prefer wild, Pacific salmon over its farmed, East Coast cousin)

Bison--lean, mean and prettily charred

Whaddaya gonna do after a meal like that? Well, thanks to a sound-guy pal of mine...

...I went to the LC to see...

...Devo for free.

The inappropriateness of the outdoor setting; the odd baseball-capped crowd; the tight, jerky and synth-heavy music (though there was plenty of very accomplished and muscular guitar work, too); and the pioneering and vintage Atari-era music videos depicting a happily oblivious consumer and herd-mentality culture--these all made the old Akron lads seem as lovably and laugh-inducingly subversive as ever.

Highlight: the decidedly wrong and very un-PC song called Mongoloid.