Ace of Cups, a much-buzzed-about brand new bar owned by Marcy Mays (part owner of Surly Girl and founding member of great local band Scrawl), will throw open its doors for a "super soft" opening today at 4p.m.

I'm told Ace will wisely be progressing slowly--a lot of dirt, demons and even a stripper pole needed to be exorcised to get to this point--but it should be a great place for music lovers to hang out.

Some day (hopefully soon-ish), Ace will be making its own interesting vittles, but in the "soft" meanwhile, food cart stalwarts will be providing sustenance. Tonight, for instance, the good folks from Cheesy Truck will be swinging by to whip-up their irresistible, calcium-rich sandwiches.

This is just Phase I for what will eventually become a live music venue "as soon as the stage is built," which should happen by this fall, according to Mays. Until then, rock-savvy DJs (no cornballs!) will be commandeering the music.

So stop in for cheesy eats and some cool tunes and drinks--you'll likely recognize fun and friendly bartenders from the likes of Surly Girl, Barrel and Bottle, Little Brother's and Bourbon Street. And if you recognize me too--I'll be there for sure--I might even buy you a delicious CBC Summer Teeth or a refreshing basil or lavender-infused vodka lemonade.

Ace will be open all weekend from 4 pm-1 am So come out, support an interesting and potentially great new place and enjoy!

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