Lucky Peach is Momofuku mob boss David Chang's great and outrageous new foodlovers magazine (notice I didn't use the word "foodie"; that's because I kinda hate that annoying word).

I thought I'd alert you to this wonderful publication because: 1 )the other night, as I was describing Lucky Peach to a very knowledgeable friend, I realized it's sorta under-publicized around our cuisine-nuts town; and 2) I actually find most national food magazines to be trivial, written in a corny and boring style, and loudly touting things I'm already over or dubious about.

But as you can tell from its kinda punky/arty and in-your-face cover, Peach is breaking new ground.

Concentrating on ramen, the very first issue (it's quarterly, and a steal for $30/yr.) contains highly entertaining "underground" comic-style illustrations and graphics; a column by the great food scientist Harold McGee; a short story by Jun'ichiro Tanizaki that invokes wild imagery straight from a Miyazaki movie and is about a bored group of overeating and overprivileged gourmands/hedonists/over-obsessed sensualists seeking ever-new highs and excitement; a laugh-out-loud, drunken and all-out ball-busting conversation transcript between Anthony Bourdain, David Chang and Wylie Dufresne (Peach elsewhere provides readers with Dufresne's famous and unexpectedly-revolutionary-yet-somehow-also-not eggs Benedict recipe); plus a ton more.

Get it or regret it!