Harvest Pizzeria just opened a couple of hours ago and I could not possibly be more impressed. I know it's based on only one visit, but this very sophisticated place has become my new favorite pizzeria in town. I'm talking SPECIAL!

The apps include homemade ricotta cheese, foie gras and wild (French style) sardines. There's a smart little wine selection and the exciting cocktail menu lists great ingredients (Carpano Formula Antica goes into its Manhattans).

Here's a peek:

The warm ricotta--flourishes of lemon zest, honey and balsamic make it eat like a real Italian cheesecake

Sardines with a pretty little salad popping with fresh lime, fennel fronds and mustard seeds

Pizza crusts here are lovely and authentically Italian--i.e. thin, delicate, puffy and charred on their wood-smoke scented edges. On the left is the Ohio Bacon; on the right, the super spicy Yuma. Note how judiciously toppings are applied.

I will be reviewing this grand slam homerun soon!