Wow, look at this. It's part of the sweet eye-candy that's now available for consuming at Bicentennial Park (remember that place?).

In case you've not been keeping up with civic improvements, this is part of the newly opened Scioto Mile Downtown on the river.

But eye-candy ain't the only thing to chew on down there, as Milestone 229 has been conducting soft-opening run-thrus the past few days. Brought to you by the Columbus Brewing Company people, this newbie has a pretty straightforward, 21st-century all-American menu that it executed fairly well last night.

Inside Milestone 229, you notice how its circular forms riff on the halo-like fountains outside. You also notice it's both family and cocktail hour-friendly, i.e wear-shorts casual yet semi-upscale comfy.

Here's a peek at what we ate and drank:

Greensleeves--I'll sing the song if you order me one.

Chef's Pimento Cheese

229 Bratwurst Burger

Roasted Mushroom pizza

Potato-Crusted Great Lakes Walleye

Grilled Barrel Cut Sirloin Steak

Banana Pudding

The skyline view down there grabs you by the collar and tells you "Hey look how how sexy Columbus can be!"

Read my full review soon in Alive.