I was fortunate to see the hilariously profane, dementedly druggy and wildly captivating Jerusalem while in NYC. Exploring the potent and enduring foresty myths of England, Jerusalem starred the astounding Mark Rylance (above and sitting in a position I'm very familiar with) in quite possibly the single greatest acting performance I've ever witnessed. The experience was literally flesh-tingling and exhausting--I can't believe Rylance goes through that 8 times a week. Anyways, big standing ovation from our crowd--which included Matt Dillon, Fischer Stevens and the always excellent Richard Jenkins (the dad from 6 feet under).

We also loved Play Dead , a punky funny seance-filled, carny-esque and halloween-y scream-in-the-dark thing directed by Teller (of Penn and fame) and shown next door to the famous Cafe Wha? (where Dylan struck it big in the 60s).

"Celebrate Brooklyn" at the Prospect Park Bandshell presented us with a too-rare trip to Brooklyn.

The Farm on Adderley

Matthew Ronay at Andrea Rosen Gallery

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art

The Highline

The Lot at 30th St. (including the ever-popular LA transplant Korilla BBQ truck.)

Staten Island Ferry