Knead is breathing life into a disappearing local classic with this inspired preparation:

Cincinnati has its cinnamon-tinged chili; Cleveland has its all-in-one Polish Boy sandwich (kielbasa on a hot dog bun with the fries conveniently applied like a condiment); and Columbus has the notorious Johnny Marzetti.

Like a meal-stretching precursor to the dreaded Hamburger Helper, JM was an amalgam of leftovers anchored by pasta that mimicked something Italian. Ostensibly invented at Marzetti's Restaurant (yes, the salad dressing people--they ran what was widely considered the best restaurant in town back in the Dark Ages), JM is better known these days as a (now nearly extinct) bane of school cafeterias and college dining halls.

In the delightful version above, Chef Lopez uses locally raised turkey, handmade noodles and Canal Junction white cheddar to make what is in essence is a green peppery Bolognese-sauced casserole.

Way to take back a much-maligned classic, Chef Rick!