Now that the hellish weather has broken for a couple days, going out sounds better than ever, doesn't it? Here's a few fun-tastic events.

Alana is hosting her first all-vegetarian wine dinner tonight (hard to believe considering she's sorta the local Veggie Queen), and the menu looks great. Plus the wines are all nicely selected for warm weather (Rose, Roussane, Grenache and such). Plus plus, it's a terrific freakin' deal--all inclusive, out the door for 50 bucks.

Saturday, the North Market's having an all-day party called the Farmer's Festival. Expect the usual panoply of stellar Ohio produce but also free Jeni's ice cream, music and giggly contests like the "Ugly Tomato" competition and the "You say tomato, I say tom-ah-to" (surely named by the Fun-with-Puns-loving Mary Martineau) professional chef tomato-off.

See you there!