Serving distinguished and delicious Israeli takes on Middle Eastern and Greek favorites, the wonderful Olive Tree is the best restaurant I know of in Hilliard. This is a rich version of hummus made spunky with a pickly relish.

Stay tuned for an Alive review of Olive Tree's unusual Sunday-only brunch dishes.

Like other seasonal hunter/gatherers, I've also been out stalking and snaring squashy specials; I recently bagged a couple keepers with Knead's killer Pumpkin "Jinkie" (a Twinkie-inspired, maple-sheathed, pumpkin bread-y creamboat)...

...and The Angry Baker's amazing bit of vegan hocus-pocus, Pumpkin French Toast bathed in Ohio maple syrup. (What kind of an oxymoronic dish is eggless French Toast? Freakin' great, that's what.)