From the exterior, it looks like an expansive Spanish ranch house; inside, it's distinguished by its ranch-y accents merging with an eye-popping proliferation of stunning Mexican tiles applied obsessively all over its rather huge and roomy space. Like its hermanos, Casa Hacienda Grill offers a menu that's approximately the size of the Mexico City phonebook. Unlike its brethren, though, CHG makes its own fresh tortillas--and they are indeed special. I usually steer local diners toward corn tortillas, and CHG's version does not disappoint, buttheir handmade flour tortillas are so outstanding--flabby, dense and bearing toasty brown spots on them--that I highly recommend them, too. If you've never had 'em, great and freshly made flour tortillas are more like, say, chapati than those forgettable and tasteless burrito-style wrappers Americans seem to be so ponderously fond of. Note: while CHG has margaritas, even the step-up "Cadillac" model is made with a so-so mix; therefore, I prefer drinking the tequila straight and augmenting my meal with nice Mexican beers. Here's a look at a couple of dishes--expect a review in next week's Alive:

Cinnamony mole with a neat and cumulatively growing chili heat

Chili Relleno with an authentically believable--and all-to-rare--eggy batter