Like a boomerang, the neat little Korean eatery called Arirang--it's in the back of a Korean grocer situated in the Bethel Centre plaza--has come back again after going under for a couple of months or so. The food I had yesterday seemed pretty much the same as I'd eaten there before--a good thing indeed!

(By the way, the Bethel Centre plaza is like a living selection of "apps"--there, stores specialize in very specific concerns such as: just hockey or popcorn or card-playing, laptops and so forth). Here's a look at some of Arirang II's food:

Banchan--that assortment of side plates that accompanies many Korean entrees

Jeyukbokkeum--a great pork stir-fry made with super-tender slivers of fatty pigmeat in a chili paste that tastes spicy, sweet and salty all at the same time