Over the course of a few days, a whole lotta grub gets jammed into my gob. I'm blaming the holidays. Here's a look at some recent feedings:

This gigandes bean salad at the superior Harvest Pizzeria features creamy legumes and a great overall slaw-like character (we followed the wholesome salad with a Spicy Yuma pie)

The Jury Room now offers a burger, and it's a good one--grill-charred, on a glossy sesame-seeded bun, and loaded with provolone, arugula, mayo and so on

Also tried at the J-Room was the amusingly named "Sausagefest"-- get it? Anyway, it was winter-weight-making massive and came with gnocchi, peppers and onions, grilled bread, spicy pig meat tubes and zesty tomato sauce. (P.S. check out JR's new snazzy website!)

The next day found me in German Village actually doing some seasonal shopping. I stopped off for some winter's fuel at the always-swinging Brown Bag Deli--here's their satisfying take on a Cuban sandwich. Since there's no booze at the B-bag, we rectified that with nooner Bloody Marys at the nearby and super-friendly Old Mohawk.

Later that night, it was my latest favorite take-out meal: the explosive and chili paste-coated diced chicken with pickled turnip plus mild but punchy-with-garlic stir-fried Chinese broccoli from Fortune Chinese Restaurant. Wow!

Pertinent to tonight, the Hubbard Grill runs a terrific Tuesday evening (after 7pm) fried chicken dinner special I will likely highlight soon in Alive. It's a citified version (meaning truffly drizzles and a sweet red wine reduction sauce turn up) of a Southern classic with crispy Brussels sprouts, real-deal grits and semi-deboned, extra-crispy, flaky-crusted chicken. I would normally balk at its regular $17 price tag, but for 10 bucks, it's a steal. Hint: show up around 6:30 to take advantage of the Hub's excellent happy hour, when drinks like delicious Brooklyn Lager and a pretty nice Negroni-ish cocktail made with Watershed gin and Campari (it has a silly, jokey name: "Gin and Bear It") and small plates (try the garlicky and beery mussels) are half off!

Gotta feed the sweet tooth, too, right?

This Pistachio Orange Fig Dacquoise from the incomparable Pistacia Vera (the single-most impressive place in Columbus for my money) came with a lagniappe macaron and was nutty honey on my grateful tongue

But I also loved the beautiful Dobos Torte (another dessert with a bonus, it's crowned with caramel shortbread cookies) from Mozart's

After all that gluttony, my tummy was lit up like the Christmas lights outside of Columbus Commons...but I wouldn't change a thing!

I blame Christmas.