Had a nice long chat with Dan Dougan, owner of Little Brother's, about the pending demise of the bar. We talked about the club's history, its place in the arts and music community, how it transformed from a furniture store and what might be in the cards to come.

Check the video interview here.

There's a full Alive & Unedited feature in the paper this week, alongside a nice timeline retrospective of this club and Dougan's previous venue Stache's by Chris DeVille.

Likely many people will have questions about the club, its origins, its history, previous concerts, the attempted purchase in 2006 and other news bits now floating helplessly around the ether.

I've gotten to know Dan and his family quite well over the past few years, and I've spoken to both Dan and his wife, Tracy, extensively about the club. I'll do my best to answer any questions emailed to me.

Also, I wanted this blog to hold a repository of fond memories of Little Brother's. So, please post anything you'd like to say about the city's best rock club.