Wild Ohio, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife's television program, is now available on the Internet for on-demand viewing at MyOutdoorTV.com.

I've seen some of the 30-minute episodes, and they're pretty good. Topics include hunting, fishing and other stuff of interest to people who like to roam in the woods. Wild Ohio is in its tenth year and airs on 35 stations throughout Ohio, though it's not available in some parts of the state.

Shows from our state are included alongside others that focus on various parts of the country.

Here are two to check out:

Status of Waterfowl 2007: This episode describes an extensive study of birds and their habitats, which include the United States and Canada. It can be a little dry at times, but the national focus of programming you might like to watch on Discovery channel is very rare.

Fly Fishing fro Trout: A naturalist describes the misconceptions of fly fishing, its gear and mystery. It's a great primer for those who view the sport as expensive, difficult and esoteric. Also included in the episode is a lesson on how to clean bluegill, which can be difficult due to its size.