Artist: Lions Track: "Guns" Album: Volume One EP


This Austin quartet (not to be confused with the Canadian hardcore band of the same name) peddles the same fuzzy quasi-metal that has helped to normalize heavy music and to ostracize metal's numerous sub-genres even further from mainstream acceptance.

That's a fancy way of saying that most people will like this band's hard, catchy tunes. Other times on the 2006 EP, the band veers perilously toward straight-forward garage sounds, but their best work is harder and faster, while maintaining enough hooks to keep the PBRs a'comin.

For example, this one, a down-tuned but poppier homage to Celtic Frost and Blue Cheer. There's some influence of Sabbath and Zep, too, of course - standard practice these days. A cacophony of vocals and interplay among the hisses, shouts, growls and guitars usually means a wild stage show. From this reporter's experience, the band's moustaches reinforce that theory.

Lions play the High Five Bar & Grill, 1227 N. High St., Tuesday night. For ticket info, call 614-421-2998. Ashes of Pompeii and High Five, Atom Bomb.