Artist: The Celebrity Pilots Track: "Good Night Nurse" Album: Spooky Action


Other songs on the new disc from the Celebrity Pilots might be catchier - catchy is one of the Cleveland band's strengths - but this song illustrates most brilliantly the impact of Brian Eno, which is listed on their homepage as a main influence.

Plenty of bands try to use the influence of the electronic and ambient pioneer, usually erring on the side of clutter or dissonance. On "Good Night Nurse" (a very Eno-y title, to boot), just a few extended notes of synthesizer crest, fall back and ring true. Those are paired beautifully with a few quiet bells and the lyrics of frontman and principal songwriter Chris Sheehan.

However, it's minimalist sensability sounds neither hollow nor cold, one of my main complaints with much ambient music. Instead, the track stands a pleasant bridge between sunnier rockers and ballads elsewhere on the killer album.

The CD release party is Saturday, August 25, at Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave.