Good idea folder

Chris DeVille has been talking about the ongoing TV and film writers strike and the effects it will have on shows and films. I don't really care, since I hardly watch anything other than sports on TV. [More here]

Too bad there wasn't a strike of football stars now working as sports commentators. We could return "SportsCenter" back to its original form - news reporting. We could hear box scores and see highlights from small-market teams. We could learn about what happened - not what Jaws predicts will happen in the near future.

Imagine ESPN filled only with professional reporters and anchors schooled in disseminating the news. Imagine the facts! Could you believe the accuracy? It's be like...a news show just for sports!

Man, that picket line would be awesome. They wouldn't even have to attend union meetings. Jaws, Boomer, Shannon, Dan, Terry, Schlabach and friends could predict the outcome of the proceedings all by themselves.

I have good ideas. Unfortunately, I don't have a secretary like Pam Beasley to write them down and store them in a manila folder. Instead, I have the Good Idea Folder on this blog, where I will describe the useful information swirling around my head literally at all times. Read these ideas carefully. Then share them with powerful friends.