Those who picked up the most recent edition of Parkscope, the quarterly publication of the Columbus Metro Parks, might have noticed something odd on page 5. Peg Hanley, the public information officer, described the great horned owl as a majestic bird "with a wingspan of about 60 feet."

Man, I thought, that's a big bird. Shouldn't I have seen one of these in the wild by now? Huh. After Brittany Kress and I mapped out the actual size of the bird, we figured that it was a typo. Hanley, who received numerous calls today, laughed and said that it should've read "60 inches."

It made my day, and the great horned owl really is a majestic bird. To read the magazine online, click here. The park staff had a bit of fun with the typo. The schematic below is how the Great Hanley Owl would look in the wild.