The time I spent in Los Angeles, from November 13-16, was hectic, crazy, exhausting week. But I was covering the 2007 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, so I know I'm not getting any sympathy from readers. What eventually came out of this trip is one of the best stories I've ever written, so check out the six-page spread in this week's Alive.

And, for those who haven't been reading my blog, here's a rundown of every post from the West Coast:

Part One I hit some rough travels en route to Los Angeles, read a sex-advice book over some guy's shoulder, attempt to figure out what to do with this trip [Read]

Part Two I can't rent a car, try to navigate the Los Angeles, the sprawling capital of everything, on foot [Read]

Part Three I get lost, wander around Hollywood at night, eat some Italian food, get my bearings on the toughest assignment of my life [Read]

Part Four I head to the Hollywood & Highland Center, hang out with people dressed as cartoon characters, visit the Hollywood Wax Museum [Read]

Part Five I photograph the Victoria's Secret Angels' Award of Excellence on Hollywood Boulevard and see some other embedded stars that might dilute their achievement [Read]

Part Six I meet four Ohio State girls in Los Angeles after winning the PINK Roadtrip to the Runway contest, take pictures of them and other beautiful collegians [Read]

Part Seven I go backstage before the taping of the Victoria's Secret Fashion show, take pictures of models getting dressed, have a generally awesome time [Read]

Part Eight I remain backstage at the VS Fashion Show, taking pictures of models and having a ball [Read]

Part Nine I stand in a sea of paparazzi, take pictures of celebrities, head into the show, drink lots of champagne [Read]

Part Ten I start to like Los Angeles a little, find some interesting characters on the street [Read]

Part Eleven I describe how, at the fashion show, Slash and Duff McKagan sit in front of me and how Slash's hair touches my leg [Read]