Lupe Fiasco

To get a handle on the Lupe Fiasco fiasco, I was reading Tom Breihan's blog, "Status Ain't Hood," one of the best places to read about insider knowledge of the hip-hop industry. It's always a bit wordy and brimming with name drops, but Breihan knows his rap.

What surprised me about his Lupe post, and others about current stars, is how closely he pays attention to music videos. He knows directors, styles, aesthetics and who's been paired with whom since musicians began to put their songs to movies.

Honestly, with few exceptions, the last music video I can remember watching is Soundgarden's "Black Hole Sun," a fantastically bizarre montage set to a fantastically bizarre song. What I remember most are scenes of suburbia on the verge of apocalypse. Great stuff, that.

Me at 14 thought music videos were super cool. Now, I just don't get it. (Side note: Am I super old? Answer: Not really.)

To me, music videos are like going to the store, buying the 1979 Broadway Revival Cast version of Oklahoma! and playing it at home. A music video actually is the inverse of a recorded play - which translates a visual experience onto a disc - but similar concepts are involved.

Both are wholly ridiculous, the main reason why I rarely complain about the loss of music videos on MTV.