The Good Peter Gammons recounts the thoughts of writer George Will and former MLB commissioner A. Bartlett Giamatti to bring some fresh perspective about the steroid scandals troubling our nation's most beloved sport. These feelings about the game's integrity -- and how breaking rules should keep you from Cooperstown -- sum up how I feel about the situation. The following remains a great mystery to me: Because steroids affects many players not named in recent investgative reports, that those who were shouldn't be kept out of the Hall of Fame. I've heard many people say that steroids are a part of the game and that we all need to live with it.

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The Bad (and The Ugly...all rolled into one) ESPN is known for writing about bizarre hypothetical situations that fill the dreams of American sports fans (notorious for wondering "what if" and not "what is"). This is a program that "predicts" what would happen in there was a playoff system in college football. Not surprisingly, Ohio State is seeded No. 1, plays a No. 16 team and rarely gets past the first round.

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