Mayor Michael Coleman's office forwarded a story that ran in The New York Post last week about five top trips to take. Beside an idea regarding bath houses in Budapest, Hungary, was a brief about my 'hood...

"5. Finding something to love about OHIO

There's a reason why travel is so great. Never was that so clear as the steamy mid-summer evening spent wandering in Columbus' German Village.

The name warns of kitsch around the corner, but this actually turns out to be one of the most atmospheric old city neighborhoods in North America. Coastal types pay good money to live in districts that only come close to approaching the charm and scale of this elegant neighborhood crowded with red brick row houses along impossibly well-kept streets.

(To top it off, this is the location of a charming guesthouse, perhaps one of the nicest in the Midwest.)

A visit to the North Market, with its artisanal food producers (everything from gelato to hormone free ham loaf!) and lively atmosphere, coupled with a trip up High Street, from the edgy Short North area past the boisterous university district and into the sedate suburb of Worthington (with a stop for ice cream at legendary Ohio churner Graeter's) just sealed the deal -- Columbus is vastly underrated.

How to: A stay at the German Village Guesthouse is your key to the perfect visit ( Several carriers, including American ( offer frequent service from LaGuardia. For more information on the region, see"

For the GV intro video, click here.