Artist: Tinariwen Track: "Cler Achel" Album: Aman Iman (Water Is Life) Listen

This album was suggested by Jerry DeCicca of The Black Swans, one of the local musicians we asked to contribute to the "Locals Only" column appearing in our December 27 issue of Alive. This will feature a collection of favorites from players around town. Be sure to check it out. For more on Jerry's music, click here.

As for Tinariwen, it's a group of rotating musicians that plays an interesting mix of traditional Saharan music -- African polyrhythms combined with sounds from the Middle East. I don't claim to know much about contemporary music from the African continent, but this record is interesting because it succesfully translated indigenous roots to American audiences.

Now go steal this song, an example of an American musician bringing African sounds to the public eye...

Artist: Paul Simon Track: "The Boy in the Bubble" Album: Graceland Listen