Artist: Lupe Fiasco Track: "Superstar" Album: The Cool Listen

Please ignore the ridiculous attempt at social politics at the beginning of Lupe Fiasco's new record. (Seriously, who thought the Virginia Tech shooting was "cool"?) Also, the minute-long second song -- more proof that Lupe has a serious problem starting records. Skip the third track, something about a "go-go-gadget flow."

This record should have started at track four, with the strong, soaring "The Coolest" to set up the theme of the record and the next track, "Superstar." Armed with beautiful refrains and Lupe's strongest rhymes on the record, this one-two punch would introduce what could be a really great record. With a better editor, this record could both evoke The Pharcyde at its best and indicate Lupe's potential.

Now, go steal this song...

Artist: The Pharcyde Track: "She Said" Album: Labcabincalifornia Listen