Last week, managing editor Brian Lindamood and I discussed plans to reach out to a growing population of young people concerned about urban development and other issues at hand in Columbus. The result is a brand-new, super-cool City Limits blog, which you should go to as often (but not more often, of course) than you visit here.

Before, the blog was Brian's space to discuss various topics that aroused his interest -- i.e., Amazing Race, Christmas baked goods and hilarious analysis of pop culture. He now continues that noble pursuit on Stranger Than Paradise, which has all his codes, cameos and Mac Guffins. City Limits will now house the news releases, tips and stories that come across the desks of reporters and editors here at Alive.

People love Alive for entertainment, features and our rocking calendar; now, you'll have a bit more hard news to go with features on music, movies, fashion, food and more. Many blogs cover urban development, environmental issues, new condos, public transit and other issues that we'll be covering. We will add a professional, balanced news perspective to the topics that are hot to young, hip readers.

This week on City Limits:

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We want to hear issues that are affecting your life, so be sure to post comments or contact us here.