Artist: The Kyle Sowashes Track: "Rumours" Album: Yeah, Buddy! Listen

I've been beggin' for a proper release from the homie Kyle Sowash, whom I lunch with sometimes at Danny's Deli and consider a friend. By proper release, I mean a polished studio effort pressed digitally and available outside Carabar. This is it. Yeah, Buddy!, released by Columbus imprint We Want Action, is a cleaner version of the indie-rock sound that Sowash and his rotating, often wildly drunken cast play around town.

Luckily, none of the performance energy or songwriting wit is lost in the transition from four-track to fancy. "Rumours" is one of the most clever songs I've ever heard -- snide, funny but never gimmicky. His cover of The Dolby F---ers "Sharpshooter" is also great. Still, Kyle, this record needs more saxophone.

Sowash will release the disc locally at Andyman's Treehouse on Friday, March 28. Put that on your calendar. Now.