Ysa Ferrer (Ian Abela photo)

Went to my first Team Tim Trivia night at Andyman's Treehouse on Tuesday, where Team Tim hosts a weekly competition between impromptu teams of bar patrons who can recall minute details about season three of Family Ties. The theme was Back to the Future, and I know absolutely nothing about the '80s.

Eight or so beers into the night, Tim brought me up for a one-on-one Lightning Round match. I got smoked by some really cute chick with enormous '80s hair. Well, it was only one questions each. I knew her answer, but I got stumped by some Simpsons trivia. Never really watched that show.

Anyhoo, between rounds, Team Tim played some of the worst electronic music I've ever heard. For example, who thought a booty house remix of Green Day's American Idiot (yeah, the entire album) seemed like a good idea? I'm pretty sure I heard the same record chopped & screwed.

That's the inspiration for this weekend's party playlist -- some good electronic music and rock songs that use techno influences in a way that doesn't make you want to strangle your friends.

1. Marco Benevento, “The Real Life Party” [Sample] 2. Lothar & the Hand People, “Machines” [Sample] 3. Dengue Fever, “Seeing Hands” [Sample] 4. The Killers, “All the Pretty Faces” [Sample] 5. The Beastie Boys, “14th Street Break” [Sample] 6. Ysa Ferrer, “To Bi or Not to Bi” [Sample] 7. Suicide, “Girl” [Sample] 8. Bloc Party, “Flux” [Sample] 9. Medeski Martin & Wood, “End of the World Party” [Sample] 10. The Meters, “He Bite Me” [Sample]