Thanks to the world's coolest, hippest parents, I grew up saturated with the glorious sounds of the '60s. Not just the acts that weathered the storm (The Rolling Stones) and those everyone wish had done so (The Beatles), but also the ones that have since slipped through the cracks of many a household.

This music will never have the same meaning for me as it does for them. But I was blessed to be introduced at any early age to the groups that remain among my favorites. Thus, this weekend's playlist, my own small tribute to '60s psychedelic music:

Jefferson Airplane, "It's No Secret" [sample] Moby Grape, "Omaha" [sample] Country Joe & the Fish, "Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine" [sample] Donovan, "Sunshine Superman" [sample] The Left Banke, “I Haven’t Got the Nerve” [sample] Richard & the Young Lions, "Open Up Your Door" [sample] The Small Faces, "Itchykoo Park" [sample] The Hollies, "Stop, Stop, Stop" [sample] The Youngbloods, "Let's Get Together" [sample] The Rolling Stones, “Jigsaw Puzzle” [sample]