If you've been reading Alive! for the past two weeks, you've seen breakdowns of the top two candidates of the Democratic and Republican parties. Hope this is helpful to those going to the polls on March 4, the date of the hotly contested Ohio primary. [Primary info] I used a number of sources -- campaign websites, national newspaper sites, non-profit watchdogs -- to compile what should be a useful distillation of heady, vague platforms.

[Democrats] [Republicans]

One interesting thing I found is that some of the candidate hompages are much easier to follow than others. In other words, some hopefuls have clearly demarcated their issues stances and goals for the White House; others seem more eager to invoke grandiose rhetoric, the telltale sign of issue-dodging.

Below is how I ranked the ease of use for each campaign website, starting with the most clear on top:

1. Mike Huckabee 2. Hillary Clinton 3. Barack Obama 4. John McCain


BONUS: Managing editor Brian Lindamood got the chance to join editors and writers of The Dispatch in a Q&A session with John McCain, who was in town earlier this week. He and I discuss the likely Republican nominee. [Listen]