Alive copy editor Shelley Mann tipped me off about a rather interesting movement of urban dwellers eager to maximize the use of green space in cities and reclaim small pockets left bare by officials. It's called guerilla gardening -- a word pairing if I've ever heard one -- and it's catching on across the globe.

The website details how invididuals and groups have transformed medians, woodboxes, trampled tree lawns and other neglected spaces into thriving gardens by planting hearty shrubs and flowering plants. Dilligent green thumbs have beautified spaces across Europe and the United States, albeit illegally. (I'm assuming that such practices could be labeled destruction or defacement of property, though I'd hate to meet a judge who sees an evergreen as a bad thing.)

Started several years ago in England, the movement seems to involve a small, radical sector of a growing community-gardening movement that urges sustainability and environmental issues. The website says that some plant to make the countryside prettier, as a revolutionary green act and even to eat the vegetables grown illicitly. Here are some useful links:

[Tips] [Community] [Projects in action]

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