Got some interesting news today from Dan Dougan, who owned noted local concet club Little Brother's. There's been speculation about whether it's an elaborate April Fool's joke, but I doubt he'd spend so much time creating such a nice website just for kicks. Here you go:

"An idea you never thought or wished would happen is coming exclusively to Columbus this Spring.

Today, we can formally announce the opening of the Go Used Brothers Jaw Gym and Music Slackatorium. Three lords of High Street will hold court in the basement of Surly Girl Saloon to educate and motivate serious students of the rock 'n' roll game.

Johnny "Go" Petric, Ron "Used" House and Dan "Brother" Dougan will show their pupils how to:

- pick an appropriately ridiculous and eye-popping band name - score with sympathetic, loser-loving women - undermine nearly anything your bandmates, friends, family and business associates do for you - almost succeed in the music biz without showing that you really care or are trying

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They also added this at the bottom of the Slackatorium page:

"But seriously... your input wanted

Where and how should Dan plan a 20-year anniversary for the Stache & Little Brother's family and friends? Email your ideas to

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