Artist: Constantines Track: "Hard Feelings" Album: Kensington Hieghts [MySpace] [Free download]

Move over, Bryan Adams -- these Canadians are awesome. (I only say that because the former pop star is back on tour with a hip-looking, short haircut and a solo show that I'm sure will sell out errrywhere.)

This song -- much of this record, in fact -- is all over the place. Not in the traditional sense that a bunch of peppy musicians are bouncing off the walls -- only that this record plays so well on your expectations of song structure and then subverts them with sly, subtle twists. A vocal drops in tone before you''re ready, a guitar riff appears delightfully out of step. These guys have studied what makes you groove, and how to play with your assumptions about format in very interesting ways.

Also, if you like a louder, scratchier version of The Replacements, you'll like this record.