Artist: Creed Bratton Track: "All the Faces" Album: Creed Bratton Listen

It wasn't until I went through deleted scenes in season two of The Office that I stumbled on a talking head scene in which Creed Bratton discloses that he once played in laidback '60s rock band The Grass Roots. Further research found that Creed Bratton in real life actually did so. He was a member and co-writer with the band until 1969, when he left to pursue an acting career.

His new album, out today, is a back-to-basics rock study that updates the softer, folk-tinged Grass Roots sound with more modern sounds. (And lots of sitar, of course.) It stays pretty close to the sound of "Spinnin' N Reelin,'" the karaoke song Creed sings in Episode 16, "Christmas Party." It's a decent record, made better because it was produced by one of the most interesting people in fictional Scranton.

For an example of The Grass Roots -- and Bratton -- in prime form, check out "Let's Live for Today."