Artist: Exceptional Edward Track: "Change My Mind" Album: Lost at Sea Listen

During the past several years, local indie-rock band Exceptional Edward has been putting out solid stuff, mostly in self-released EP form. That slow-but-steady process makes even sweeter this full-length debut. It's a success for a talented band and a treat for listeners who've gotten only occasional bits of well-crafted, lyrical odes and catchy riffs that draw from slick, delicate indie outfits like Death Cab for Cutie.

Here's where Chris DeVille and I differ.

My favorite track is "Change My Mind," which opens the album with a resounding organ riff and a reverby guitar that gives the no-frills chamber pop the Western grit mastered by Duane Eddy. DeVille, on the other hand, prefers "Never Come Down," a fantastic ballad driven by acoustic guitar, piano and a story about the life of a circus runaway.