Artist: House of Heroes Track: "In the Valley of the Dying Sun" Album: The End Is Not the End Listen

I'll point out my own oversight not writing about House of Heroes sooner, knowing now that the band has opened for Silverchair and other big names around the country. But if you're not one for resumes, just click to the above link and listen to "In the Valley of the Dying Sun," a great song with a killer title.

Everything from the riffs to the recording is impressive, quite well done, and this track is driven by a familiar, catchy blend of emo, metal, indie and post-punk. What makes it stand out -- both from contemporary artists and from other tracks on their album -- is an expert mesh of a handful of different feels, giving the song the epic timbre you expect with a title like "In the Valley of the Dying Sun."

The straighforward rock of the intro, the pattering synth later bridge, the whispering, introspective choruses later on -- this song is all over the place and always fantastic.

The band is giving its music away for free via a special promotion at