Artist: The Nuclear Children Track: "Paint It Red" Album: Paint It Red (single) Listen

In his recent email, lead singer Jason Matthew made no bones about the radio-friendliness of his band's new single. He wears the pop label proudly, and so does "Paint It Red," a catchy installment from a band getting tighter and more entertaining as it progresses further from its roots in local indie outfit Asthmo.

The Rolling Stones painted things black; the Children paint them red. And their brushes are a big, bold acoustic guitar, even bigger electric counterparts, a subtle thumping syth, Matthew's sexed-up snarl and sing-along choruses. Everything is ready for arenas -- or at least the venues the band plays regularly around town. I'd suggest going to one of them soon.

The Nuclear Children will release their new single on May 13 at Skully's Music Diner in the Short North. Ghengis Green, The Lost Revival, Marseille Marseille and Marvin the Robot also will play. For more info, click here.