Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who has already made waves by proposing the state switch to paper ballots exclusively, is again proposing an election plan that will have some people raising their eyebrows. Dispatch reporter Mark Niquette today published a story about her plan to allow each county to decide if it wants to use mail-only ballots.

Voting by mail? The story said:

"The legislature first would have to give counties the authority to put a vote-by-mail issue on the ballot, and Brunner said she doesn't expect overwhelming support.

House Speaker Jon Husted said yesterday that although he hasn't seen the details, he's concerned about the ramifications of some counties but not others voting by mail.

But Brunner said she thinks some counties would find voting by mail more convenient and less expensive than opening polls on Election Day, and she wants the idea debated."

The proces is not unheard of. Oregon conducts all elections by mail, and 37 or 39 counties in Washington do so.

Since taking office, Brunner has proven to think outside the box -- attempting to remove touch-screen machines and trying to attract younger poll workers. Mail-only voting, though, seems like another large issue to consider on top of everything else she has proposed.

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